Wishlist Wednesday #3

Wishlist WednesdayWishlist Wednesday is a book blog meme where I will post about one book per week that has been on my wishlist for some time, or just added, that I can’t wait to get off the wishlist. 

Thank you, Pen to Paper for hosting such a wonderful weekly meme!

For this Wishlist Wednesday I chose…drum roll please…..

This is a big deal for me! I love series but usually if it takes too long for the next book to come out, I mark it as a TBR Concealed in Deathbut when it finally makes its appearance I’ve more than likely already moved on to a new genre or I’m just not feeling it. Which is why I guess I don’t like to start a series until most, if not all the books are out or close to publication from the last book. 

Nora Roberts was my introduction to romance that had more plot yet still enough sexy time scenes to keep thing interesting. If there is ever a Nora Roberts book comes out I’m on that. So when I found out she wrote the “In Death” series under the pseudonym J.D. Robb I just had to check it out.

I fell in love. Set in the future that I could totally see myself living in, with a BA cop with a questionable history and a sexy shady Irish man multi-billionaire with a past of his own, I was hooked. Now, I’m not usually one to go for mystery, and that’s what this is a crime mystery novel with some romance thrown in and I couldn’t love it more.

I think what I like about it the most and why I’m still going strong after #38 books is the elusive lives of the characters. I get to watch them develop and change, they have a life and I’m now a part of that life. It’s not like the short-lived novels where the epilogue gives us a glimpse into life after HEA but more like the HEA keeps going, with arguments and heartache and make-up sex.
The only other book that has made me feel this way is the Alice Series by Phyllis Reynolds Naylor. I got to grow up with Alice and watch her life unfold. It was really cool when she was going through the stages of preteen to teen to adult, I was too.

What’s on Your Wishlist?

What series have you been devoted to that may hold sentimental value?


11 thoughts on “Wishlist Wednesday #3

  1. I didn’t know Nora Roberts wrote under that pseudonym too. It sounds like an interesting series but starting something that has already so many books, seems a bit daunting. Moreover all long series I have been reading became repetitive after the first dozen of books. As this one seems to keep you eager to read the next volume even after #38, it might be the proverbial exception to the rule. 🙂 I think I’m going to check this series out.

    My WW


    • I feel the same way about series becoming repetitive but I like these because the characters are always evolving. And sometimes the crimes get a bit too much for me so I take breaks from the books and go read something happy lol.
      Please tell me how you’re liking it after the first book!



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