Top Ten Books That Will Make You Swoon

Top Ten Tuesday is an original feature/weekly meme created by The Broke and the Bookish.  Every week I will share a list based on the topic provided by The Broke and the Bookish.

Enjoy and please feel free to join me, I’d love to hear your own lists on whatever topics are featured.


February 11:  Top Ten Books That Will Make You Swoon What is considered a book that would make you swoon? I found some books that made me swoon and it wasn’t always the male character that had me fainting.

 WARNING: slightly dirty minded swoon-worthy descriptions down below! In no particular order.

1. Trust in Me  by J.Lynn Cam makes me swoon numerous times. I mean, the guy is so arrogant and charming, he’s adorable. He asked Avery out on a date every day for 2 months! Can I find a man like him please?! Plus Shortcake is the cutest nickname ever!

2. Archer’s Voice by Mia Sheridan The only thing in this book that is not swoon worthy is a scumbag named Travis. Other than that who wouldn’t want a self-taught, eight-pack wielding stone mason/gardener/woodcutter hot man with beautiful eyes and overlong silky tresses, who is a quick learner and dedicated to your pleasure?

3. On Dublin Street by Samantha Young Because I tingled everywhere, throughout this whole book, I had to put it on my swoon list. Big hunky Scottish man, and not ginger Scottish either but sexy 6″4 brown haired, blue-eyed assertive Scottish man. The name Braden alone makes me swoon added to that package and I was a goner.

4. Lover Mine by J.R. Ward Can I just say, sexy that a man who is lacking in vocal cords makes up for it in wonderfully different ways. Makes me want to get a mute for myself. That was terrible, but seriously, kind of. Mute or not John Matthew is 6″-something of sexy primal vampire meets his mate, well, the things he can do! *swoon*

5. Naked in Death by J.D. Robb I love the In Death series. Not only because Lt. Eve Dallas is sexy in her own right but have you met her Irish sometimes shady man? This book is where they first meet. That Irish lilt, those baby blues and that overlong hair pulled into a low pony, 6″2 lean muscle, rich as Cronus man….whooo! Talk about a pretty package. Break me off a piece of that kit-kat bar!

6. Flirting with Danger by Suzanne Enoch I fell in love with the name Addison reading this book. But he’s not who I swoon over. Oh no, I swoon to Samantha Jellicoe more importantly, I swoon over the fact that a sexy woman is one of the world’s best and sexiest cat burglar. This book was too cool to me. She’s stealthy and slick and has commitment and trust issues. She could rob you blind of your money and your heart and you wouldn’t even notice till it’s too late.

7. Passion by Lauren Kate I bet you thought I was going to say Daniel made me swoon. Nope not him, Cam, Cam makes me swoon. He’s just so bad! Bad angel!

8. Shiver by Maggie Stiefvater Sweet gentle Sam. As much as the sexy men can reel you and make you swoon, there’s nothing like a sweet and gentle man/wolf to make you lose your heart. I wanted to be a wolf just so I could be with yellow-eyed Sam.

9. Crash Series by Nicole William After reading this book I sang ‘Hey Jude” for who knows how long. I’m singing it now. I think that’s enough to make me swoon, no? Or could it be the story of a boy from the wrong side of the tracks, falling in love with a girl from the other side and somehow he comes out on top as a sexy dark-haired (they’re always dark-haired) football star (not your typical football playing story, at least to me).

10. The Fault In Our Stars, John Green Now, I know this was a pretty sad book but seriously some of the words that came out of Augustus’s mouth made melt! “‘I’m in love with you, and I’m not in the business of denying myself the simple pleasure of saying true things.'” <– seriously?! *swoon*

So tell me, what books made you swoon? Comment below and/or leave your link!

Happy Swoon  Reading!


2 thoughts on “Top Ten Books That Will Make You Swoon

  1. I feel like we’re reading sisters too! I recognize most of the authors on your list and J.R. Ward almost made it onto mine except I already had 10 by the end. 😀

    I haven’t read TFIOS yet but it’s been on my TBR for so long. I think I’ll need to get started on that soon. Also, “Shiver” sounds really interesting. I’ve heard a lot of good things about it. My TBR list is getting longer and longer…



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