Top Ten Books On My Summer TBR List

Top Ten Tuesday is an original feature/weekly meme created by The Broke and the Bookish.  Every week I will share a list based on the topic provided by The Broke and the Bookish.

Enjoy and please feel free to join me, I’d love to hear your own lists on whatever topics are featured.


June 17: Ten Books On My Summer TBR List 

I feel like I’ve been really absent and my posts have been either non-existent or supremely mediocre. New and Previous followers. I thank you for sticking around. Moving is hard on its own but moving countries is slightly worse. I have yet to find my groove so please bear with me a little while longer.

I conveniently had a Summer TBR list already Goodreads. Yay! So without further ado, Summer TBR

Beautiful addictions1. Beautiful Addictions I said this before in a previous, this book seems to pop-up when ever I’m on the hunt for new books to read. Since it’s all in my face, I figure I’d give it a try this summer.

2. Beautiful Broken Promise I don’t remember a Lane Parker but I do remember the other two books in the series and I enjoyed them both and I love continuing/finishing a series. Who doesn’t? Geek with the cat tatoo

3. Geek with the Cat Tattoo The name of this book is what caught my eye. A love story with the cat as a matchmaker? Sounds like a fun summer read to me.

 lengths4. Lengths So glad I’m doing this! I totally forgot about this book for a minute. It was a book club read but I couldn’t get the book so now it’s on my summer list and I need to go reserve it at the library or something. All I know is that the book better live up to my anticipated expectations.

 5. My Favorite Mistake  Trying to deny the magnetic pull between two people when written well can be suspenseful and exciting. That was the vibe I got with this book. I could use some love tug-of-war. nameless

 6. Nameless  There’s this thing about expectant motherhood novels that make my heart beat just a little bit faster. It’s my book soft-spot. This looks/reads like it could hit the spot.

7. One More Chance I’m pretty sure I talked about this before. It’s the continuation of Grant and Harlow’s story, which I am waiting for with bated-breath. The last book left us with a cliffhanger ending, a doozy of a cliffhanger ending so I’m eager to see how their story ends.

 Rusty Nailed8. Rusty Nailed A The date for the release of this book is fast approaching and I can’t wait. Well-written, hilarious dialogue and characters. I am eager to read the second book in the Cocktail series by Alice Clayton.

9. Shame on You  I figured I’d give Tara Sivec a second chance since Shame on youI did not enjoy her Chocolate Lover’s series. The synopsis reads well, hopefully the book will too.

 10.Blissful Surrender After reading the first two books I didn’t think there could be a third, no other secondary character stood out so it’s surprising that Sean Miller from the first book Temporary Bliss by B.J. Harvey would have his own book. We’ll see how it goes.

What about you guys? What are on your Summer TBR List? Please share! I’d love to get new book recommendations through you!



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