WWW Wednesday #34

www-wednesdaysA weekly meme hosted by Samanneelizabeth formerly hosted by MizB all about, what we’re, Currently, Just Finished and About to Read.

So much has happened in the past few weeks and I really wanted to do WWW today but couldn’t find the time. Better late than never right??

• What are you currently reading?


I just started A Lush Betrayal as part of my March reading challenge. So far, it’s turning out to be a pleasant enough read.

‘The Story of Us’ aka Carnage series is intense and I am slowly making my way through it, it’s already shaping up to be an emotional wringer and I need books of levity thrown in to get through it.

• What did you recently finish reading?

Paris Lights, what a light, fun read this one was. I got to explore Paris before actually going to explore Paris and got a taste of the behind the scenes working of hotel life. Definitely recommend if you’re looking for something light and fun.

Confessions of a Reformed Tom Cat, now this one had a bit of everything, love, friendship, death, sexy lumberjack men. It was not at all what I thought it would be based off the title and synopsis but it was quirky and fun. I read both these books within days of each other. Worth it.

• What will you read next?

Still have nothing set up, I have 256 books in my TBR list and not a clue what I’m reading next…


Happy WWW Wednesday!




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