REVIEW: Beautifully Broken [If I Break #3]

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beautifully broken by portia moore The conclusion to the If I Break Series.

Cal’s back and his arrival changes everything.

Lauren knew it was coming but what she didn’t think he’d bring with him was an ultimatum.

A choice.

One that Lauren feels trapped under. A choice she’s unsure will make a difference but could possibly change everything.

The ultimatum isn’t the only thing Cal’s got with him but answers. The ones Lauren so desperately craves. But the truth won’t only affect the lives of he and Lauren but everyone around them…and not everyone wants the truth to come out.

The good thing is Cal doesn’t give a F…

…There’s two sides to every story. In this one there’s three.

Published: February 28th 2015

Series: If I Break #3 (FINAL book)

Genre: New Adult/Contemporary Romance/Suspense

Source: Goodreads


It has been an emotionally journey with Lauren and Chris. Everything is finally coming to a head, we learn why Chris has DID, we question whether integration is possible and if so who will prevail.

Lauren has grown up. I wanted to get that out there and say it, she has come a long way from 22, finishing her degree and being swept away with the charm and money of a dominant man. After losing herself in Cal and struggling to raise her daughter on her own, she has been slowly introducing her daughter to Chris/Cal and his family.

Lauren stood up to the asshole that is Mr. Scott, which is a pivotal moment for her, she went from badass independent woman in the first book, to being needy, whiny, crazed bitch in the second and finally a grown up version of the two, albeit sometimes she should have been “crazier” in certain situations, and this was one of them;

“How dare you! How dare you pit your son against–against himself! Chris has a condition, a sickness, but you’ve brainwashed him into believing that he is two different people. The belief that Cal isn’t a part of him is doing more damage than anything I ever could”

There are some heavy secrets hiding in the closet that are slowly and painfully coming to light. Questions like why Chris has multiple personalities, something to do with his dad or something further back? Somehow Portia Moore wraps everything up in one book and I’m not talking a rush job where everything comes up roses in the last chapter.

So we’ve established that there is Chris, Cal and now…Collin, not to mention all the others Portia didn’t have time to write about. M goodness to say I was shocked when Collin made an appearance is an understatement and not only that but to find out that he has been randomly popping in between Chris and Cal makes me want to go back and read the other books.

You can say that Cal is an asshole throughout the all the books but he is effective, misguided but effective.

Last Line: “Chris, “I don’t care what he says. I’m not a pussy”

Strong 3.5 Stars

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