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before i break Out of the past six years of my life, I only remember about half of it. After a dozen doctors and thousands in medical bills, I was diagnosed with a rare neurological disorder–one that causes me to lose track of time. Sometimes it’s hours, days or even weeks with no recollection of anything. The good thing is it’s been almost two years since I had my last ‘black out’. It sounds much better than what the doctors refer to them as, ‘episodes’, like my life is a freakin’ comedy.

During those two years of normal, I finally managed to get my Bachelor’s degree, a job I love, and I’ve just proposed to a woman who has been there for me through it all. For the first time in a long time everything is on track.

Until a strange woman shows up at my door—she says I’m her husband and I think she’s crazy. Until, I get a voice mail on my phone. It’s from a guy name Cal. The weird part is, it’s the same name the strange woman called me. What terrifies me, is this guy Cal…his voice sounds just like mine.

Published: September 5th 2014

Genre: New Adult/Contemporary Romance

Source: Goodreads

Thoughts: *ARC given to me for an honest review.

Okay so I had to read the synopsis of the second book before writing my review because as far as a side note/in-between book goes, it was well done. I just had to make sure that that was what it was, I thought there would be more and was slightly disappointed that there wasn’t.

For those who don’t know this book focuses on Chris’s POV for the second half on If I Break, a couple of days before Caylen’s birthday up to when Lauren shows up at his door all batshit crazy and whatnot.

SPOILERS IN PLAIN SIGHT – If you’ve read the first book then you’re good, if not, what are you doing? Turn around!

I loved being in Chris’s head, seeing Chris’s side of things, and those instances where Cal popped up (leaving that snide message (hilarious), the little twinkle in his eye that Lauren sees when Chris meets his daughter for the first time? Genius. I was like “I remember that instance from ‘If I Break'” seeing how that affected Chris however briefly was insightful and I liked it.

Since this book was a half-way point to the second in the series, it was short which is a good thing, bad for me since I was really hoping to see what happens next, you know after the crazy Lauren debacle but this was better, we got a closer look into DID, Chris’s reactions and emotions and a better less crazy look at Lauren. I still think she’s stupid for blindly marrying and having a child with someone who obviously kept secrets from her and she didn’t push him but she doesn’t come off that way in Chris’s version of things, somehow someway she has (insinuated at least) that she has a deeper connection with Cal than we’re led to believe.

The thing that knocked me back the most, Lauren is an artist? Either I don’t remember that in the first book because she just dropped everything to be a housewife or it was so insignificant then that her inability to do anything with her time when Cal is gone blinded me from the fact that she did finish school and did get a degree in something she’s just not putting it to use and then she gets pregnant so what’s the point right? Either way, I went through the rest of ‘If I Break’ thinking Lauren was a useless whiny woman, but now my perception of her has changed, a little, I am nervous to see her POV in ‘Almost Broken’ though.

Prediction: I predict that Cal and Chris will be integrated as one.

All in all, it was a good addition to the first book. The only problems with it, spelling, grammar, and that portion of Crestfield whatever not that I skipped over and didn’t feel like was important but who knows maybe I’ll realize the error of my ways come the second book.

Last Line: “By the way. The suggestion that you give Cal’s life a try. Mine. Not his,” he says and just like that he’s gone.

4 Stars

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