REVIEW: Wake For Me

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Wake For Me by Isobel Irons

“Finding theman of your dreams can be hard… Especially if you’re unconscious.”

When Viola Bellerose breaks up with her “up and coming” Irish rock star boyfriend, the feisty winery heiress takes it in stride—by making out with a hot stranger and accidentally crashing her Mercedes into the East River. Whoops.

Somewhat unfairly, in her opinion, Viola now spends her days in a coma, trapped inside the prison of her own body. With each passing day, she finds herself becoming more lost in a world of vivid and terrifying dreams, in which a tall and tortured doctor often appears in a romantic role.

First year intern Sam Philips is barely surviving his complicated life, dealing with his older brother’s death, avoiding scary charge nurses and working endless hours—all while competing against his fellow interns. His solace is the time he spends with his favorite patient, the girl he’s nicknamed Sleeping Beauty. Convinced that her coma can’t last forever, Sam spends hours at her bedside, spilling his secrets to the unconscious girl.
But what the outwardly shy Sam could never guess, is that his Sleeping Beauty is actually aware. That she’s secretly hanging on his every word, and falling head over heels in love with him. That even as Sam tries to save her, someone else might be trying to kill her.

Author: Isobel Irons

Series: Life or Death #1

Published: December 15th 2013 by Amazon

Source: Goodreads

Thoughts: *I received this book in exchange for an honest review.

What can I say? I like this book, it’s interesting and definitely different from any and all of my normal NA reads so kudos to you Ms. Irons.

I like Viola, I like her snarkiness and her tough exterior. She could do so much better than Sam.
Sam, he has to be the world’s most spineless hero. He’s doing his residency to be a doctor and he’s swimmer, which means he’s got brains and brawn (you would think). True, he’s got a good body apparently but that brain of his is useless, seriously.

He has allowed his mind to be filled with tales about Viola and in his narcissistic (yes narcissistic) mind and misplaced guilt he has let those tales take root and allowed himself to be bribed. How do you not see that the one thing you wanted and didn’t have the balls to go after was just handed to you because you did what they asked? Sam, are you sure you’re a doctor?

The shit about his brother, useless and pointless. When I heard the full story, I was like “that’s it.” He’s not special, why the need to feel so guilty over something you couldn’t control? And believe me, I tried to understand but his level of guilt was NOT appropriate, whatsoever. I really think he just likes being a martyr.
The Viola deal, not his fault either, yet he still feels guilty. Okay, I can deal with that, now go do something to help HER to alleviate your guilt.

Viola wakes up, yay! She’s ballsy, fearless, and tiny from what I can tell. I like her, a lot. She deserves someone who believes in her and who is willing to stand by her while she rights this terrible wrong. Not some spineless dude who thinks she’s a psycho. Even if she is a psycho, she’s a psycho with a valid point and as a doctor you should be able to help prove or disprove her crazy theory.

What really upsets me about Sam is his unwillingness or blindness ( I don’t which it is) to believe in Viola. Why does she have to be crazy? And for someone he has such a strong pull and connection to I’m finding it very frustrating to read that he allowed stories told by outside parties about her AND after being with her, he still seems to believe shit. A) Have a little faith and B) Use your own opinions, your mind, your own feelings, and stop allowing people to fill your mind with nonsense you stupid man!

His idiocy knows no bounds and he is by far the worst part of this book. It’s good but if Sam wasn’t in it, it could have been great. The story line was interesting, the plot got me, I really wanted to see how they pulled it off so well, and psychology or how the brain works during a comatose state is really interesting!
Viola don’t need no man! She is tough on her own and could have done without the stupidness that is Sams personality.


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    April 24, 2014 at 21:24

    It sounds kinda interesting, but I am still a little put off by this one!

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      April 25, 2014 at 01:16

      It was. Put off because of the hero?

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