Top Ten All Time Favorite Books in Fantasy Genre

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March 11: Top Ten All Time Favorite Books in Fantasy (Series) Genre 

 1. J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter  Obviously. I like to take them out every summer for a reread. It’s a tradition now.

2. Phillip Pullman His Dark Materials I remember when I read them at the time, I thought it was the most genius thing written. My mind was blown

3. Christopher Paolini’s Inheritance Series. Although I have yet to read the last installment, these were great when I was in my obsessive phase. I just need to find my way back there so I can finish the series. :/

4. Tamora Pierce Song of the Lioness or the Alanna series as I like to call them. These were awesome. My first venture into a different kind of fantasy. Good times.

5. Melissa Marr The Wicked Lovely Series s I loved these books so much I joined a forum, my first forum ever and where I met a lot of my Goodreads and blogger friends.  #darkling #darkcourt

6. Maggie Stiefvater The Wolves of Mercy Falls This wolf to human and human to wolf story was so different from anything I’ve ever read. It made the fantasy seem not so far-fetched. It was attainable in its logic and for that it will always be a favorite.

7. Libba Bray  The Great and Terrible Beauty Man, I loved this series when I first read them in HS. I proceeded to shove it off on all my friends because I couldn’t stand to be alone in the awesomeness that was this book.

8. Melissa de la Cruz The Blue Bloods  I just love this series. I’m a bit behind but I will read them all and find out what happens! Jack+ Mimi+ Schulyer = ?

9.  Kami Garcia Beautiful Creatures I hear he’s a wonderful writer, too bad I’ll never find out for myself.

10. Cinda Williams Chima The Heir Chronicles I’m still on the hunt for the last installment Dragon Heir. *sigh*