It’s time for some changes!

Hi friends, old and new! Thanks for sticking around through the quiet times and sporadic posts throughout the years; I appreciate it a lot.

Welcome to the new and soon to be improved “Disappear Into Reading” which from now on will be called “My Book Jar”. We are renaming, obviously and revamping the site, bringing with it some new and fun changes.

I love my site immensely and I was so glad to be a part of the blogging community and interacting with fellow readers and book lovers when I was active. I’m really happy about this change for my site as it has been hard to manage it on my own since going back to school and just managing my day to day. It’s great to have found someone that I can share my passion and the load of book blogging. I have partnered with my friend Carmen. Together we will manage the site, bringing in new content, great reviews and much more interactions.

From then to Now

For my reading challenge this year, I decided to read 100 books and write reviews for each. I kept thinking, “what’s the point in reading so many if I can’t keep the story lines of each in my head?” That’s why this year the numbered goal to read is 100, and he overall goal is to write a review for each one. Now, I’ve been pretty bad at keeping up with book blogging, which is sad since it was something that I was obviously so very passionate about, and while life happened, pulling me in different directions, I always had time to read; which stands to reason that I should have had time to blog.

And while I know this is a book blog, I can’t help but want to put down some of my thoughts down. journey

When I got the notification from WordPress that this blog has been here for a year, I had a chance to take stock on where my life was when I first started and where it is now. I’ve come a long way. The year I started blogging I was living with my sister, I hopped from one to the other trying to figure what I was going to do to get my life back on track (long story). I had to come back to Canada eventually but where was I going to go? I couldn’t go home and all the friends I had made were in the States. I had one here though and when she told me that the city she was calling home was cheap since it was in the midst of a University I jumped at the opportunity. Next thing I know, I’m in a  strange city, in my older country 4 years later after being gone. So much had changed.

It was just the beginning.