WWW Wednesday #39

www-wednesdayswww-wednesdays is a weekly meme hosted by Samanneelizabeth, it’s all about, what we are: Currently, Just Finished and About to Read

I am so excited for another WWW Wednesday after a much too long hiatus! I know I keep saying that I’m coming back to  So without further ado, let’s get into this week’s WWW Wednesday:

• What are you currently reading?

Wasted WordsWasted Words is your typical nerdy girl meets jock trope, but slightly more interesting in that the nerdy girl, Cam is a matchmaker, falsely confident and a huge classist, weird considering she’s on the lower ranking of her own class system. She matches couples based on their perceived looks and literary likes and dislikes, disregarding their feelings and desires. I haven’t finished, but this one flaw in Cam’s admittedly hilarious personality is too annoying to bypass. Her belief that social classes cannot mix: ex-NFL footballer and a part bookstore owner. She believes that it just doesn’t work because they are both too different even though they have so much in common. We KNOW that they’ll end up together in the end but until then it’s quite frustrating. I think I’d like it better if they didn’t end up together but that’s a major twist that won’t happen…or will it?

• What did you recently finish reading?

The Kiss QuotientThe Kiss Quotient was beautiful, I loved reading about a woman with Asperger’s because honestly, it’s not something that is easily written. Helen Hoang did a wonderful job delving into the mind of Stella and her need to be accepted as she is by her parents and a potential significant other. The way Stella’s mind works is fascinating and refreshing. Need to loosen up in the bedroom? Hire an escort. Stella doesn’t judge Michael for his vocation. Her analytical mind is refreshing in depicting how their love story unfolds and the best part, the reader and Stella realize that her misgivings and “hang-ups” have nothing to do with a disability and everything to do with falling in love for the first time.

• What do you think you’ll read next?

The PartnerFor pleasure, I’ll continue reading the It’s Just Us Here series, The Partner. The series is an autobiographical asexual love story written as fiction. It’s interesting but can get a bit too much with the author’s asides and tangents but if you’re looking for a slow burn and a long-distance read, this is great. I like to pick it back up in between books because I know I’ll enjoy it. It’s a sure thing, I highly recommend

The Turn of the ScrewThe next book: Henry James’ The Turn of the Screw is a novella I have to read for my Victorian Ghosts and Literature of the Fantastic course because I decided it would be great to go back to school; which is one of the reasons why I’ve partnered with a friend in managing and rebranding the blog. Back to the book, it’s classified as a psychological horror and as someone who is not into horror but loves psychological thriller, I’m really looking forward to this one.