A letter to the author

Hi there!

It’s been a while since you asked me to read and review “If I Break” and later “Before I Break” I’ve written my reviews on Goodreads up until book “Beautifully Broken” which I am still tweaking. Because you had reached out to me as an author a couple of years ago and I have now been able to read the rest of the “If I Break” series, I must say that you’ve come a long way since the first book. The idea, the bare bones of it was always there, but the execution wasn’t. And now it’s caught up and it was refreshing to get such insight into a subject I know nothing about and in such a well written way, a far cry from “If I Break”

This series had me feeling so much and analyzing the psychology of DID. Lauren, who was my main issue in the first book and 1.5 has made me her champion. I’ve come sympathize with Cal and Chris and even Collin for the short time we see him. Not knowing of Collin’s existence before now makes me wonder if I were to go back if I could tell if it was Collin or Call.

To know that the start of DID was the death of his mom and the final trigger of Cal coming to the forefront was the realization of his father’s actions, wow.

I don’t, I haven’t read a book about cheating, it just isn’t my style, but while it’s not okay, you’ve managed to make reading about it bearable, and not just the complicated triangle that is Cal, Chris and Lauren but the triangle that is Gwen, Will and Lisa. I feel sympathetic towards Lisa and I haven’t read her book yet. I feel something towards Will, that I’m not sure I’ll ever be able to let go.

I just wanted thank you, for allowing me to review it when I did all those years ago and for seeing what you’ve done with their story since. I don’t know how you were able to juggle so many characters and personalities in one person and still have depth, a plot, a twist, a story, a deeper reason as to why he was the way he was. It was unlike any book I’ve ever read, it brought about so many emotions I have a hard time naming them all. Now I am aware of a disorder that people struggle with, a disorder that I knew abstractly and while I’m sure you just skimmed the surface of it all it was enlightening all the same, so thank you for sharing for opening the eyes of your readers and focusing on the disorder and the love and not just the sex, which is what I feel most romance novels focus on nowadays.

Thank youIf I break