Movie Trailer Mondays – If I Stay

Movie Trailer MondaysOkay, so usually I don’t post movie trailers, well I haven’t…UNTIL NOW!

Why now? Well because I’m going to put my love of books and moves and actors and smush ’em all together and talk about them on my book blog, that now became an extended edition book blog, BECAUSE I will be strictly focusing on books turned movie. This also means I may or may not review the movies only because extremely biased my reviews will be nothing like my book reviews. It’ll be about me gushing about the actors because I’m obsessed with actors and I’ll probably love the movie only because of who’s in it. I’m a snob like that.


But for this movie, I’m not sure because I haven’t made up my mind about Chloë Grace Moretz yet, I liked her in Kick-Ass, but this movie is different. And I don’t know who the F*ck Jamie Blackley is, I meant to watch U Want Me 2 Kill Him? but I haven’t yet so, there’s that.

Please for the love of GOD, read the damn book people because it’ll make you cry and then you can read the next one in the series and be alternately sad and happy and mad all that good stuff. But if you just watch the movie, you’ll just be depressed as F*ck and you’ll be like, “but what happens next!” (insert ugly cry face) SO READ THE DAMN BOOK. 

Thoughts: “I got chills, they’re multiplying and I’m losing control. By the power you’re supplying, it’s electrifying!” 

Sorry, Grease, blog singing, not good. But it had to be done. Moving on…that pretty much summed it up actually. I got chills, they multiplied, I teared up and then I had the insane urge to go back and the read book but then I was like, “ARE  YOU MAD?” So I just re-read my review which you can do also, but be warned it’s a mash-up of both books because I kind of read the first and then JUMPED right into the second one without stopping and my review reflects that so, you can go look but be warned!

*Thank you IMDB And YouTube (Just so I don’t get sued for money I do NOT have)

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