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Sash and Carmen met in Literary Theory I; they sat next to each other for an entire semester without interacting (both socially adverse people). Near the end of the semester, Sash and Carmen connected over a novel Carmen used for her final essay. The discussion of that novel led to the sharing of others they had in common. In short, Carmen and Sash became friends the way most book lovers become friends: through a mutual love of books. 


Through in-class tutorials, Carmen and Sash realized they had a lot more than books in common. Not only did they work well together, but they both also had unattended book blogs. Carmen had a domain name, and Sash had a semi-active blog: “Disappear into Reading” so, they created My Book Jar!


And, like most avid readers, their To Be Read (TBR) pile is ridiculously large. The concept of the Book Jar seemed like the best way to whittle it down. 


What to Expect on My Book Jar


Carmen and Sash have learned to analyze and look at writing through a critical lens as English majors. As such, My Book Jar will be more than just how explicit and enjoyable a book is to read. Oftentimes, they will discuss how books have come to shape how we think and view the world around us. 


As two diverse womxn from differing backgrounds, some bookish editorials will cover controversial topics, especially where fiction and politics collide, as such discussion is encouraged and welcomed.

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the faces behind my book jar


Editor & Reviewer




Sash is currently working on her Bachelor of Arts at York University in Toronto, Canada.


After obtaining degrees in Linguistics, and English & Professional Writing, Sash will go on to work on her master’s in Rhetorical Studies. 


As an editor, Sash aims to ensure that the author’s feelings are portrayed in the best possible light.


In the winter of 2021-22, if COVID allows, Sash will be furthering her education in South Korea at Sogang University, where she will learn the Korean language.




 Reviewer & Future Librarian


Hi there, Carmen here! 


Currently, I am working toward my Bachelor’s of English from York University. To get my master’s in Library Sciences (hopefully from the University of Glasgow Strathclyde). 


This website is a new way for me to share that love. I can only hope that my reviews will aid me in my career as a librarian and help my fellow readers find a book that resonates with them.


Where Sash is picky about genres and formats, I enjoy reading pretty much anything in physical or audio form. Except for Horror, you’ll never catch me reading Horror (I’m a total scaredy-cat).

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